Our Programs

Our Progrems and Achievements

Maternity Support Clubs Program:

Creating safe spaces for women to access information, share experiences, and receive support during pregnancy and postpartum. Focus on antenatal care, nutrition, and breastfeeding.


10 Clubs Established: Active in 10 health facilities across Margibi County.

500+ Impacted: Over 500 expectant and new mothers have experienced positive change.

30+ Communities Empowered: Strengthened communities by addressing maternal challenges.

Peer-Peer Clubs Program:

Empowering adolescents through discussions about sexual and reproductive health. It is evident that peer-to-peer interactions create a supportive network for learning and support.


10 School Clubs Established: Active in 10 secondary schools across Margibi County.

1000+ Empowered Adolescents: Over 1000 adolescents empowered with SRHR knowledge and lifelong healthy habits.

Birthkits Empowerment Program:

Ensuring safe births by providing essential birth kits to women in need. The Kits include hygiene items crucial for safe delivery.


1000+ Benefited Women: Assisted 1000+ less fortunate women, reducing financial barriers to safe and healthy deliveries.

Accessible Resources: Enabled access to essential resources for safe childbirth in 30+ communities.

Community Health Volunteers Empowerment Program:

Bridging healthcare gaps through trained volunteers, especially Traditional Midwives conducting home visits and basic healthcare services.


50 Empowered CHVs: Equipped 50 CHVs in Margibi County with knowledge and tools for effective community care.

Timely Referrals: Increased timely home referrals from these volunteers, leading to an improved maternal and newborn health outcomes at their assigned health facilities.

Health Facility Strengthening Program:

Enhancing local health facilities with maternal health equipment and training for care providers.


10 Improved Health Facilities: Equipped 10 health facilities with maternal health equipment and drugs.

25 Skilled Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Providers: Enhanced skills of 25 MCH providers for effective response to critical situations.

Optimized Care Environment: Enabled optimal care environment for safer Reproductive, Maternal, and Newborn healthcare

HEALTHY Complementary Food Program:

Combating malnutrition by providing affordable, nutritious baby food for infants aged 6-24 months in partnership with Leo Nutrition and 6 local facilities.


150+ Healthy Babies: Contributed to the health and growth of 150+ babies.

Community Access: Enhanced accessibility to nutritious baby food, addressing malnutrition challenges in participating communities.

Monthly Magic Campaign:

Celebrating menstruation, promoting menstrual health awareness, and encouraging open conversations.


5,000+ Online Reach: Promoted menstrual health and hygiene awareness to a wide online audience.

300+ Empowered Women: Equipped over 300 women and girls with tools for confident menstrual health management.

Access4ALL Project:

Empowered women and adolescents with contraception and reproductive health education. Promoted informed decisions and overall well-being.


2000 Empowered Individuals: Equipped 2000+ women and adolescents with reproductive health knowledge for informed decisions.

1000+ Contraceptives Provided: Distributed 1000+ Oral Contraceptive Pills for effective prevention of unintended pregnancies.

750+ Adolescent Protection: Provided 750+ school with reliable methods for preventing pregnancies and STI transmission.


Women, Adolescents, and Newborn


Maternal & Newborn Care Providers


Health Facilities & Schools