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At the Help a Mother and Newborn Initiative, there are several ways you can support our mission to improve the health and well-being of mothers and newborns. Here are three key ways you can get involved:


As a donor, your contributions play a vital role in sustaining our programs and initiatives. Your financial support enables us to provide essential resources and services to the communities we serve. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor, your generosity helps us make a significant difference in the lives of mothers, adolescents and their newborns.

Fundraising Champion

Organizing or participating in fundraising events is a powerful way to support us. By hosting a fundraising event in your community, workplace, or social network, you can raise awareness about our cause and mobilize much-needed resources to support our programs. Whether it's a charity run, a bake sale, a virtual event, or any creative initiative, your fundraising efforts contribute directly to saving lives and improving reproductive maternal and newborn health.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Your time, skills, and passion can make a profound difference in the lives of many women, adolescents and newborns. By volunteerIng with us, you can directly engage with the communities we serve, provide vital support during our awareness campaigns, assist in organizing events, and offer support to expectant mothers.

About Us

Help a Mother and Newborn Initiative (HMNI) is a women/youth-run and non-profit organization committed to improving the reproductive, maternal, and newborn health outcomes and reducing deaths in Liberia and beyond through sustainable and evidence-based interventions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women, adolescents, and families with essential knowledge, resources, and access to comprehensive healthcare services, thereby reducing maternal and newborn mortality and promoting overall well-being.

Our Vision

We envision a society where every woman, adolescent, and newborn receives quality healthcare, education, and support to thrive and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Objectives

Improve access to essential reproductive and maternal health care and resources for women, adolescents, and newborns

Create an enabling environment that prioritizes individuals' rights, privacy, and dignity to ensure access to quality and comprehensive Reproductive & Maternal Health Care services

Increase awareness and education on sexual, reproductive and maternal health issues among women, adolescents and families

Address the barriers that women and adolescents face in accessing reproductive and maternal health services


Things we didn’t know first, we have learn them now. Before the training, when big beelly tell us their head hurting, we use to tell them to boil country medicine and drink it. During the traiinng, we learn that it was wrong and whenever anything is happening to the big belly, we should tell her to go or take her to the health facility quick quick. The midwife at the facilitiy will treat their patient well.

Nenkpah Blackie
Traditional Midwife

The big belly club (Maternity support club) is important to me because I can learn how to take care of myself and my baby well. Being in this club helps me stay happy and not think about the problem I am going through at home. I really hope that this club can continue so other women that will get pregnant can benefit from the teachings just like me.

Charlotte Kollie
Maternity Suport Club

Through the peer peer support club I learned that it is terrible to mock or laugh at a girl during menstruation I also understand the portance of supporting girls during menstruation

Jackson Kolubah
Dolos Town Public School

Since HMNI donation of basic equipment and the establishment of the maternity support club at my facility the number of pregnant woman visiting our clinic for Antenatal care and delivery has increasesd from 20 to 30-35 monthly We are grateful to the team

Velma Yerka
Registered Midwife, Unification Town Health Center

The drugs donated to our clinic here have been helpful for us and our patients The equipments are helping us very well We can now used gloves on a specific patient and dispose right after Also, the big belly club is helping us to bring more pregnant women to the clinic for their regular checkups.

Rebecca Y. Allen
Registered Midwife, Cinta Clinic

We are grateful for the materials provided by HMNI We now have a baby weighing machine instead of tubs to know babies' exact weight This is really helping us reduce the stress and level of hard work Pregnant women are not passing out because of bleeding after birth again, we have drugs and equipment to stop minor bleeding Thanks to the team for this great thing

Louise Knuckes
OIC, Velley Ta Clinic


HMNI stands as a beacon of hope for mothers and newborns in Liberia. Please stay updated about our activities

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