June 2024 Program Highlights

June 2024 Program Highlights

In June, we made remarkable strides in our mission to support reproductive, maternal, and newborn health across Liberia! This month was filled with exciting developments and impactful activities that have set the stage for future successes.

Expanding Our Reach:
We began June by selecting and engaging with over 5 new schools to expand our Peer-to-Peer Clubs. This initiative is a vital part of our strategy to reach more students with our reproductive health education programs. By establishing these new clubs, we are creating new opportunities for students to learn about menstrual health, sexual reproductive health, and personal well-being. We are thrilled about the upcoming engagements and look forward to establishing these new clubs, which will allow us to broaden our impact in the community before the year’s end.

Peer-to-Peer Club Meetings:
Our dedicated team also facilitated Peer-to-Peer Club meetings at the public schools we currently work with, reaching over 125 students. During these sessions, we completed the first half of our Menstruation and Sexual Reproductive Health Course Manual and conducted mid-term assessments to gauge the students’ understanding and progress. The enthusiasm and participation from the students have been inspiring, and we are excited to resume the course in September to continue our educational journey.

EmpowerHer Journey Club Meetings:
In addition to our school-based activities, we attended the EmpowerHer Journey Club meetings at 10 health facilities. These meetings provided a platform for us to connect directly with 150 pregnant women, 70 TTMs, and 30 CHAs, discussing their experiences and addressing any challenges they face. We used this opportunity to recap the learning so far and celebrate the progress we have made. As part of our appreciation for the hard work of our Community Health Volunteers, we delivered well-deserved appreciation gifts to acknowledge their dedication and commitment to the program.

Community Feedback and Future Plans:
The feedback from our community outreach activities has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have expressed their gratitude for the support and education provided through our programs, and we are encouraged by the strong partnerships we have built with local health facilities and schools. Your continued support is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and make a meaningful difference in the lives of mothers and newborns across Liberia.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that the coming months will bring. Our Bi-Annual Newsletter will be coming out soon, where we will share more about our achievements and future plans. Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning of this year until now—your dedication and enthusiasm are driving our success and helping us to create a healthier future for mothers and newborns in Liberia. Stay tuned for more updates!


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