Big Announcement!

Big Announcement!

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From a social impact project (Help a Mother and Newborn in Liberia) to an officially registered organization (Help a Mother and Newborn Initiative). Being unregistered, we couldn’t explore grant opportunities, but that never stopped us from creating change in the lives of the individuals we serve. However, we needed to be registered and legally recognized to unlock greater opportunities for impact, growth and sustainability. As a result, we tirelessly worked to mobilize resources to achieve that.

Today, we’re overjoyed to share this exciting milestone with all of you. Help a Mother and Newborn Initiative (HMNI) is now legally registered.

With our hearts filled with gratitude, we proudly present our business registration and Article of Incorporation. These documents represent not just pieces of paper, but the embodiment of our dreams, hard work, and strong dedication to improving the lives of women, adolescents, newborns in communities across Liberia and beyond.

This moment belongs to everyone who believed in our cause, supported our journey, and stood with us through thick and thin. As an officially registered organization, we are now better positioned to explore diverse grants and partnerships, empowering us to reach even more lives and create lasting change. If you are reading this and has an interest in partnering with us, please reach out.

Our next step is to complete our official website which is being worked on.

To every individual, partner, and supporter, thank you for being part of this transformative journey. Together, we will continue to make a difference and build a brighter future for Liberia!


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